Wk 14 & 15 : Taking Profit

S&P 500 rose 5.2% since the beginning of April and I took profit off the table more than I invested my capital. I sold US counters like Square, Peloton, VMWare and Pfizer whose share prices had increased quite spectacularly in the last 2 weeks. I still believe in the growth story of these companies but … Continue reading Wk 14 & 15 : Taking Profit

Surprise! STI is the Best Performer

Surprise! Surprise! Over the last two quarters, STI was the best performer compared to Hang Seng Index and even S&P500! It gained 28% over the last two quarters with 2/3 of that gain made in the Oct-Dec 2020 quarter. In comparison, Hang Seng gained 22% and S&P 500 18%. Wow, nice job STI! Like the … Continue reading Surprise! STI is the Best Performer

Index Portfolio Sneaks In to Grab #2

Almost unnoticed and creeping up silently, my index portfolio has grown over the years to become my number 2 portfolio today. It has grown from 8% at end 2017 to become 28% of my total investment this weekend. Amazing growth! Even faster than my overseas portfolio, which has grown from 9% to 18% today on … Continue reading Index Portfolio Sneaks In to Grab #2

Top10 Dividends and Top10 Holding @ Q1 2021

TOP-10 Dividend Contributors at Q1 2021 Below is a table that shows the Top-10 dividend contributors to me at Q1 2021. To be more factual, the ranking is based on dividend declared and not dividend paid. I have also included the Top-10 at this same point last year and the year before (only managed to … Continue reading Top10 Dividends and Top10 Holding @ Q1 2021

Wk11 : Wild Wild West

My overseas equities holding has dropped from 26.5% to 26.1% of my total value of equities. It may reduce even further by my time tomorrow morning when the US market closes as the futures are showing deep red now. Actually the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been doing quite well this week, but so has … Continue reading Wk11 : Wild Wild West

Wk 10 – Still Interest Rate and Buy

The headline for this week investment community is still the interest rate and for me it is again to accumulate more shares at lower prices. Just when we thought that the risk from interest rate has subsided, Mr Fed Chief came on public media and shared that with economy reopening, we could expect some inflation. … Continue reading Wk 10 – Still Interest Rate and Buy

End Jan 2021 Top-10 holding & Dividend Contributors

A short post to record the Top 10 holdings and dividend contributors (declared or went ex-div) as at end Jan 2021: Below is the table of Top-10 holding 1Suntec Reit 2OCBC3OUE Commercial Reit 4Ascendas Reit5UOB6Singtel 7IREIT8Netlink Trust 9Manulife Reit 10Hong Kong Land Key highlights (compared to end Dec 2020): DBS is out of Top10 holding … Continue reading End Jan 2021 Top-10 holding & Dividend Contributors