SGX listed ETFs

Contributed by: warriortan 1. WHAT ARE ETFs? ETFs are open-ended investment funds listed and traded on a stock exchange. They aim to track, replicate or correspond to the performance of an underlying index or asset. ETFs provide access to a wide variety of markets and asset classes. Similar to trading any stock, you may buy … Continue reading SGX listed ETFs

First Meeting -23/2/2017-Key Takeaways

Contributed by: warriortan A summary of the Key Takeaways from our first business lunch on 23/2/2017: J,CH,LC,CS,PK,KK 1. It is important to diversify your investment portfolio. 2. It is not expensive  to build a diversified portfolio. Building it with individual stocks, bond and especially with unit trusts and engaging "experts' help" can be very expensive. Should consider … Continue reading First Meeting -23/2/2017-Key Takeaways

Personal Reflections of our First Meeting 23 Feb 2017

Contributed by: warriortan Our first meeting - 23/2/17, Star Vista Glad that we finally got together to do our first "business" lunch. In the midst of the aroma from the curry and Assam fish heads, yes for those who were not there, the six of us had two fish heads, we were able to blend laughters … Continue reading Personal Reflections of our First Meeting 23 Feb 2017