5-11 Mar’17, 5 Most Interesting Finance/Investment Articles I read this week




Contributed by: warriortan

#1 Govt eases some property cooling measures, cutting seller’s stamp duty and slightly relaxing TDSR rules

As a Singaporean, it has to be the top news for the week … but would it make a major difference to property developers and buyers? It is a start to more relaxation of the cooling measures to come. Your guess is as good as mine


#2 Rich Man, Poor Man

” … Making money entails a lot more than predicting which way the stock or bond markets are heading or trying to figure which stock or fund will double over the next few years. For the great majority of investors, making money requires a plan, self-discipline and desire … For the average investor, you and me, we’re not geniuses so we have to have a financial plan … “



#3 Oil price drops below $50 per barrel for first time since December as US glut continues

” Oil dropped below $50 for the first time since December after concerns that OPEC’s output cuts aren’t tempering a surplus in the US triggered the biggest slump in more than a year …… Harold Hamm, the US shale oil billionaire, warned on Wednesday that the industry could “kill” the crude market if it embarks on another spending binge. “


#4  Royal Dutch Shell: Is a Dividend Cut on the Horizon?

” … High-yield stocks such as Royal Dutch Shell often attract investors with the promise of mouthwatering yields. But while there are excellent high-yield stocks out there, a very high yield can also be an important red flag that a company’s fundamentals have deteriorated to the point that the payout may no longer be safe … “


#5 These are the websites that rule the internet in the U.S

The big boys are …… http://www.marketwatch.com/story/these-are-the-websites-that-rule-the-internet-in-the-us-2017-03-08













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