26Mar-1Apr 17, Top 5 Most Interesting Finance/Investment Articles I read this week

Contributed by: Warriortan


1. Important things you need to know before becoming an accredited investor

“Following the Swiber debacle, many wealthy (sorry, formerly wealthy) Singaporeans are regretting their decision to become accredited investors. From all appearances, it seems accredited investors are just people that banks (or private funds) can push into buying high-risk products. So what is the accredited investor status, and should you use it just because you can have it?”

Warriortan: A good article to think about whether you like to opt for “accredited investor status even when you qualify.


2. One Practice that Separates Profitable and Average Investors

“Most investors do not track their investment performance. We typically do not get a clear cut answer from investors when asked about their performance. I was guilty of it when I first started. Looking back, the reason that I didn’t track was that I overlooked its importance. I merely felt that as long as I make money for each security means I am doing it right. I couldn’t be more wrong and I learned these mistakes over time.”

Warriortan: I agree, investment for profit and passive income doesn’t mean you do nothing. There are decisions that need to be made and they should be based on facts and data as much as possible.


3. Buying a Home – What do you need to pay and what can you afford

“Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment for most Singaporeans. It is a long-term commitment which should be carefully planned upfront.”

Warriortan: Following our second meeting, I felt a need to refresh my knowledge in all the changes around the rules and regulations around property purchase in Singapore. This is a good article to start.


4. The Importance Of U.S. Oil And Natural Gas Exports

“In 2018, the U.S. is set to become a net gas exporter on an annual basis for the first time ever. The coming U.S. LNG export surge means that we could someday soon become the largest LNG exporter. Countries want our gas given more flexible contracts and our use of hub pricing, where the more clear fundamentals of supply and demand reign. LNG and Mexican exports increases could total over 4 Bcf/day of new U.S. demand this year.”

Warriortan: Interesting to follow the development of Gas


5. Four ETFs to Keep You Invested After Retirement

“In many ways, investing becomes more important in retirement, because you need to make sure that your retirement nest egg will outlive you. For most people, that requires a combination of income and growth, and that takes some exposure to the stock market. Fortunately, there are exchange-traded funds that can meet the needs of retirees, and the right mix can make your retirement portfolio work harder for you.”

Warriortan: The title is misleading. These ETPs can also work for us. Worthwhile to consider as a means for diversification


Add a New Feature to this weekly highlights: Hoping to do my small part for our society


This week organisation: “In My Shoes SG”


“Everyone knows that each shoe has a sole.

But at In My Shoes, we believe that each shoe has a soul too. Just like us, a shoe’s soul is shaped by its experiences: the places it has been and the dreams it has helped fulfil. In sharing your shoes, you share hope. A hope for a bright future where anything is possible and it all starts with a single step… In My Shoes.

In My Shoes is a movement founded by Dipna Lim-Prasad and James Walton to collect sports shoes and redistribute them to those in need.”

Please support generously.

Thank you.

Hope you find this week’s new highlights useful for you – all feedback and comments are appreciated to improve and make this more relevant to you.


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