2-7 Apr 17, Top 5 Most Interesting Finance/Investment Articles I read this week


Contributed by: Warriortan


1. Five reasons why you should attend annual general meetings if you’re an investor

” I’ve been attending AGMs of the companies I have invested in for the past five years now. The information I’ve gleaned from them has been highly valuable and extremely useful for my investment decision-making process … It has led me to higher gains by staying invested in companies whose management teams I felt were clear and competent on how to bring a company forward in the coming years. “

Warriortan: Its the AGM time again. Due to work commitments, I usually just attend only 1 or 2 AGMs a year. I agree with the writer that it is worthwhile to spend personal time to attend the AGMs of the company you invested in. The Q&A is always the most interesting and insightful session – the uncomfortable feeling that the Directors and Senior Managers reveal in their body languages sometimes tell you more than what they say. If you have not had this experience, I will suggest you try one this year, start with the one that you are most vested in. Ultimately, you should know whether the companies that you own are well run or not and the senior managers take the appropriate level of risk that you would agree with.



2. Global Shipping Fleet Braces for Chaos of $60 Billion Fuel Shock

” Merchant ships earned an average of about $9,800 a day this year, according to data from Clarkson Research Services Ltd., part of the world’s biggest shipbroker. Ten years ago, they were earning about $34,000. In the industry’s three main markets — container shipping, dry-bulk cargo transportation, and oil tankers — there’s been evidence of overcapacity and depressed rates over the past several years. Those tough markets are making it harder for owners to secure investment and finance they need to comply, which means the IMO and its member states will probably permit some kind of transition period when the 2020 rules begin.”

Warriortan: Really? Will IMO reconsider their decision or reduce the severity of the impact? Well, let’s wait and see.


(Acknowledgement: Thanks to KY for sharing this article)


3. Royal Dutch Shell: Unsustainable?

“The dividend payment is the center of most controversy, with so many feeling it is unsustainable. That is what I keep hearing. Unsustainable….While I agree in part with the core ideas around these statements, such as acknowledging the need for a higher oil price, recognizing the economy of the future is an all energy sources approach with investments made in renewables, I still disagree with the dividend naysayers.”

Warriortan: Many of you will recognise all these. No doubt its challenging and tough. Shell is fighting to win.



4. ETF launched here offers exposure to high-dividend Asean stocks

“Another exchange-traded fund is being added to market offerings here – one that gives investors rare exposure to South-east Asia’s leading high-dividend stocks.”

Warriortan: A new ETF listed on Singapore Exchange that I may add to my index portfolio later.



5. Two reasons why you should never borrow to invest in the stock market

“When it comes to investing in the stock market, you never want to borrow and invest any money you cannot afford to lose. Always make sure you have 6-12 months’ worth of your monthly expenses in savings before you put a dime in the stock market.”

Warriortan: Good advice! A reminder that we need from time to time.



Hoping to do my small part for our society


This week organisation: “TODAY Enable Fund”



Its objective: “To help build a society where every citizen of all abilities has a place and role to play.”

Please support generously. Thank you.


Hope you find this week’s new highlights useful for you – all feedback and comments are appreciated to improve and make this more relevant to you.

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