Interesting Finance/Investment Articles that I like this week: 16-22 Apr 2017

Contributed by Warriortan


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1. Singapore REIT Data

Warriortan: What else can I say? Great stuff. Click and see for yourself 🙂

2. How To Track Your Net Worth And Why It Matters

” Tracking your net worth is the easiest, most important step you can take to improve your finances. Here’s why and how to do it.”

Warriortan: Me too!

3. Journey to Financial Freedom is not a race

“Many are interested in achieving financial freedom on a sustainable basis. What does this mean? It means having regular and consistent passive income in sums big enough for them to stop working for an earned income, if they so wished it.”

Warriortan: I like the encouragement that it gives

4. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait Aim for $60 a Barrel Oil Price

“Some of OPEC’s biggest oil producers, including Saudi Arabia, are now targeting $60 a barrel as the level where they want to push crude prices, OPEC officials said, signaling they will support additional production cuts next month.”

Warriortan: Stability is more important than absolute price

5. Mastering Complexity Through Simplification: Four Steps to Creating Competitive Advantage

“Complicatedness hinders productivity by creating a work environment that leaves employees disengaged and unmotivated. To be successful in today’s complex and fast-changing world, companies must be highly agile and flexible—able to identify opportunities and make informed decisions quickly in order to exploit those opportunities”

Warriortan: I like things simple because I am a simple person

6. A seismic shift is happening, and billions are pouring into these index funds and ETFs

” In the past decade, there’s been a seismic shift from active to passive management, i.e., from mutual funds run by ersatz Peter Lynches to index funds and ETFs that track the market.”

Warriortan: I am a believer in index funds and ETF

Hoping to do my small part for our society

This week featured organisation: Club Rainbow

Their Mission : We support and empower children with chronic illnesses & their families by providing compassionate relevant services in their journey towards an enriching life



Please support them generously.

Thank you.

Have a great weekend!

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