Interesting Sg, O&G Finance/Investment Articles that I like this week: 23-29 Apr 2017

Contributed by; Warriortan, #investforyourself



This has to be my favourite: Useful Thought Experiment: What If You Were To Die Exactly 10 Years Later?

“What’s both fascinating and cruel about life is how unpredictable it is. And at the heart of it all is not knowing when we would leave this world. Death tends to scupper the most well-laid of plans.”

Warriortan: Highly recommended. Simple writing but impactful to prompt me to reflect.


Singapore Related


#1: Singapore’s Baby Bell in China 

“Singapore’s smallest telecom company has a ringtone loud enough to be heard in a coalmine in China’s Shanxi province.”

Warriortan: Yes, its about M1. I am not surprised that there are several potential bidders. I do expect that the agreed price (if any) to be higher than the current share price. I am holding on to my M1 shares.


#2: Singapore’s property prices to double by 2030

“Property market bears expect slower population growth, an ageing population, and a structural growth slowdown to weigh on the long-term property market outlook,” the note said. “We disagree and believe home prices will double by 2030.”

Warriortan: No doubt it will go up but I am not sure it would double … what would trigger another frenzy in property price?


#3: Singapore property will ‘at best’ remain stable in 2017

“There could be a small price rebound in the central region due to limited supply, but prices across the island will “at best” remain stable in 2017 due to corresponding demand-supply fundamentals.”

Warriortan: I hold the same views. The market is not looking good. 


#4: Where will Singapore’s next tax dollar come from?

“How can our tax system continue to be more progressive and sustainable, even as the Government seek to grow revenues to finance growing expenditures?

Warriortan: Something has to give, there’s no free lunch. It is unlikely any tax increase will come from corporate tax, so it should be from GST or personal income tax. Well, if it means the change leads to helping the less privileged families or people with special needs, I will be happy to be part of it. 


#5: These 2 Singapore REITs Are Trading Near A 52-Week Low Right Now

“Let’s take a closer look at two REITs that currently have unit prices that are near their respective 52-week lows: Ascott Residence Trust (SGX: A68U) and IREIT Global (SGX: UD1U).”

Warriortan: I have blogged about my views on ART.


Oil & Gas


# 1: Shell’s 1Q17 Estimates: Could Its Earnings Rise?

“According to Wall Street analyst estimates, Shell (RDS.A) is expected to post EPS of $0.84 in 1Q17. This EPS estimate is 46% higher than its 4Q16 adjusted EPS and almost double its 1Q16 adjusted EPS. Shell’s revenues are estimated to reach ~$72 billion in 1Q17, which is 48% higher than its 1Q16 revenues.”

Warriortan: I hope the results will be good especially when the other majors have done well,


#2: Surging Chevron, Exxon profits signal oil industry turnaround

“Rising crude prices helped Chevron Corp and Exxon Mobil Corp easily beat analysts’ quarterly profit expectations on Friday, setting an upbeat tone as the two companies press ahead with shale oil expansions.”

Warriortan: Even the majors are going into Shale oil.


#3: Saudi Aramco CEO Says Peak Oil Demand Is a Misleading Theory

“The boss of Saudi Arabia’s state oil company defended petroleum as the mainstay of the global economy, countering theories that demand will peak within years with his own forecast that consumption will keep growing for decades.”

Warriortan: Do you really expect him to say otherwise?


#4: Natural gas: Why it’s important and what you need to know

“According to the IEA, natural gas is seen as “lower carbon” relative to other fossil fuels. In addition, it takes around two years to build gas plants, which is seen as being relatively quick, while its share of the global energy mix is increasing at two percent annually until 2020.”

Warriortan: Gas and Renewables are likely to be the future fuels


Hoping to do my small part for our society


This week featured organisation: Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

Their Mission :

  • To be a world-class voluntary welfare organisation that advances the development, well-being and aspirations of persons with intellectual disability and their integration into society
  • To maximise the development and well-being of persons with intellectual disability through the provision of a comprehensive range of quality services.
  • To empower persons with intellectual disability and their families so as to enable them to maximise their potential and fulfill their aspirations.
  • To advocate the interests and causes of persons with intellectual disability so as to enable them to participate as fully as possible in society.




Please support them generously.

Thank you.

Have a great long weekend folks!

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