A few of my favourite reads (30Apr-5thMay)

Contributed by; Warriortan, #investforyourself


Simply a collection of interesting articles that I read this week. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Freeing Up More Time And A Slower Accumulation Rate

“We have accumulated enough to take stock after every 3 years, enjoy some of our fruits and slow down our pace to smell the roses.”

Warriortan: Very sweetly written and a very loving couple. Wish them all the best.


2. Frugal Daddy

“And, I tendered resignation, after considering that my family may be better off with me being a stay at home dad. We will have problems coping with this kind of employer’s support. Yes, this is my first time resigning without a job. Especially in such a lousy job outlook we are having now. I know.: I admire his courage and placing his priority firmly with his family”

Warriortan: I admire his courage to do what he thinks is right and how he places his priority firmly on his family


3. Your Personal Net Worth Statement – The Complete Guide

“One document is the personal cash flow statement. The other document is their personal net worth statement.”

Warriortan: I agree and I do it too.


4. Circles.Life says cheaper mobile data in Singapore means embracing disruption

“It launched its latest data offering of $20 for 20GB of data a month ago, which is currently the most cost-efficient data plan available in Singapore. Customers love the fact that you provide them $20 for 20 GB. So that’s really, definitely a big hit.”

Warriortan: In case you haven’t heard of this company before. Well, not for me at the moment as I don’t need so much data and free WIFI is getting more available in public now.


5. Three reasons why bond investing is a negative art

“Bonds actually outweigh equities in terms of size. The global equities market size is roughly US$69 trillion, but the global bond market size is in excess of US$100 trillion. But due to the visibility and volatility of stocks, most retail investors usually know way more about stocks than bonds.”

Warriortan: A good article to learn about bond investing



6. Economic Moat

“Economic Moat was actually coined by Warren Buffett and it refers to sustainable competitive advantages which protect a company from its competitors.”

Warriortan: A useful read to look for all these competitive advantages in the companies that we invest. The more they have the more secured will be their income.

7. Investment, infrastructure, digital economy to drive Asean prospects: EY

“A NEW report has given an upbeat reading of Asean’s prospects: investment interest in the region in the next five years will be high, as will be infrastructure spending on regional transport connectivity, energy security and digital connectivity.”

Warriortan: An indication of where to invest next after China and India … just at our door step!

8. ETF of ‘fallen angels’ delivers lofty returns

“The VanEck Vectors Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF ANGL, -0.74% which celebrated its fifth anniversary of trading on Monday, has emerged as one of the standouts of the fixed-income ETF category, using a strategy that has boasted consistently strong returns relative to its peers.”

Warriortan: It is on my watchlist now 🙂

9. Oil just dropped to a 5-month low below $46 and analysts say it could go much further

“Analysts said WTI could eventually decline to $42 now that it broke this key level.”

Warriortan: What will OPEC do now?

In case you are interested, I have blogged a bit on Oil & Gas ETFs in here: SGX listed ETFs. Or just go directly to Oil & Gas ETFs.

10. Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) Q1 Earnings Beat on Oil Rebound

Warriortan: I am vested 🙂

Have a good rest and re-energise for the new challenges next week


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