Five Favourite Recent Reads

This is just to share a few of my favourite reads recently in case you miss them and they may be useful for you on your investment journey.

1.Singapore—A Market Not To Be Underestimated Part 1

Singapore—A Market Not To Be Underestimated Part 2

” … In explaining our continued positivity towards the Singapore equity market, we will cover, in two parts, a review of the Singapore economy which we believe will surprise to the upside and thus be a potential catalyst for the market over the next few quarters; as well as take a look at the market’s valuations, earnings and dividend yield estimates, which look attractive at this juncture … “

2. 5 Tools To Supercharge Your Investment Process: For A Singapore Investor

” … Living in the technological age allows us to find many tools to help us supercharge our investment process …”

3. Personal Finance Lessons You can Learn from Star Wars

“.. Do or Do Not, There Is No Try …”

4. Crude Oil And The Prisoner’s Dilemma At OPEC And Beyond

“… Oil policy can often make for strange bedfellows when it comes to OPEC … “

5. One Multi-Bagging Investment Idea

” … A mega trend is a trend that shapes the world, for instance, the mega trend of negative and low interest rates environment in the past few years. Some investors are using the concept of mega trend where it comes to finding the next profitable investing idea …”



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