My Index Fund Portfolio – 2Q17 Update

I just reviewed my index fund portfolio this morning and thought of sharing it with you.

If you may remember I posted an article in March when I first set up the index fund portfolio. See link. I am glad to mention that since then, I have made good progress in shaping it closer towards the balanced portfolio that I want.


Both Bonds and Equities weightage have increased to 35% of the portfolio value each, closer to my target of 40% each. This was done through investing in more bonds and equities index funds.

I have not added any new funding into Gold and Reits. As a result, they have come down to 6% and 26% respectively, against targets of 5% and 15%.

From the first post in March till today, I have received 0.45% yield of dividend. If we multiple it by 4 quarters, it would yield 1.8%. But I expect it to go higher in the coming months as I have added dividend yielding bonds and equities into the portfolio.

In terms of total value, it is yielding me a profit of 4.3% year to date It could have been higher if not for the weakened US and HK dollars relative to March 2017.

In terms of geographic breakdown, the values of

  • Singapore investments are 38% (target 40%)
  • Overseas Investments are 62% (target 60%)

For the coming few months, I will continue to buy local bond and equity ETFs to increase their weightage to my target.

I intend to keep this index fund portfolio as a passive portfolio for income – hence, i won’t sell anything from it unless I need the money.

Will keep you posted in September on how it is progressing.

In case you are interested to know the funds that I have bought to build up my index fund portfolio, I have listed them down in the table below.

Bonds SG ABF Bond (2% yield) Listed in SGX
BIV (3% yield) Listed in US
PFF (6% yield) Listed in US
O9P (7% yield) Listed in SGX
JNK (6%) yield Listed in US
Equities ES3 (3% Yield) – STI Index Listed in SGX
G3B (3% yield) – STI Index Listed in SGX
ChinaAMC CSI 300 ETF (3188) Listed in HK
HangSeng H Share ETF (2828) Listed in HK
Deutsche Asia Premier Trust Fund Unit Trust
World Index ETF Listed in US
Gold GLD 10US$ Listed in SGX
Reits SG Phil Div Reit ETF Listed in SGX
Phil SG RE Income Fund Unit Trust
Vanguard Reit ETF Listed in US

Have a great weekend.

Contributed by: Warriortan

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