Q3 dividends declared by SReits so far are all lower – a sign of what to expect?

Q3 2017 results release season for Singapore listed company has started.

Yesterday, SPH Reit reported its Q3 result that was within expectation.

For SPH Reit

  • 1.37 cents per share dividend was declared, slightly lower than Q2 of 1.40 cents
  • Dividend yield is ~ 5.5%, in the middle of its historical yield range of 5.0% to 6.1%
  • Share price of SPH Reit was unchanged at 0.995 cents (so, it’s better to buy today than yesterday and I bought 😊)

Today, ESR Reit and Soilbuild Reit reported their Q3 results. Both also reported lower dividend than Q2.


  • Dividend for Q3 is 0.956 cents per share, compared to 1.004 cents in Q2.
  • Dividend yield ~ 6.6%

Soilbuild Reit

  • Dividend for Q3 is 1.466 cents per share, compared to 1.489 cents in Q2.
  • Dividend yield is ~ 8.1%, this is closer to the lower end of their historical yield range of 7.5 to 9.6%
  • Is the current share price of 74 cents sustainable? It is the highest share price it has reached in the last 52 weeks.

All 3 declared lower quarterly dividends in Q3 when compared to Q2.

 I cannot help but feel that it may be a sign of what we can expect in this quarter reporting season.

Let’s wait and see.

For regular updates of dividend declared, you can check out this page that I created.

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