Reflections on Dividends Declared in Q3 2017

I know it has been a while since I last created a new post. I hope I didn’t lose too many of you – my dear readers. Although I struggle to find time lately to write, I have been diligently tracking the release of results of the stocks on my watchlist and the dividends that they declared or did not declare 😦

You can find the dividend declared by these companies here: Q3’17 Dividend.

With the release of results by Croesus yesterday morning, the last company in my watchlist to do so, I am now able to do a simple review. Below are some of my personal reflections that I like to share with you.


I have 77 companies on my watchlist. Some of you may say it is too many. Probably so because I can’t realistically track the performances and development of all these companies comprehensively.

Luckily, the SGX apps is actually quite useful. The notification function allows me to track the news that these companies release. It helps me to follow and stay informed of their major developments in case I need to take some actions. You may want to try it too.

Looking for Income Stock? Maybe My Watchlist can help 🙂

Out of these 77 companies, 50 of them declared dividend this quarter. Not bad, its 65% of them. If you consider this and last quarter together, this number goes up to 71 and percentage increases to 92%. Not bad indeed …. I know this ratio is biased as I specifically choose those companies that declare regular dividends to invest in … I am an “Income Investor” anyway.

So what type of investor are you? It is always important to know the objective of your investment because by doing so, you will make your money work the hardest for you.

Out of these 50 companies, 28 of them reported dividends in both Q2 and Q3 2017.


Declining Dividends?

And out of these 28 companies, 13 of them reported lower dividends compared to last quarter, 8 reported higher while 7 were unchanged. I know these numbers may not mean a lot but it may provide some indicative trend of what’s going on.

Just on the surface of these numbers, it looks like the companies are facing some challenges to maintain the dividends. 2 quarters may be too soon to judge this trend, I will continue to monitor this in the next quarter and share my reflection after that.


Cold Hard Cash to the Bank

Another calculation that I like to do is to calculate the dividends that I will collect for this quarter if I hold 1000 shares of all 77 companies in my watchlist.

For this quarter, the amount is $2162. This is lower that the $2669 that I would have collected last quarter based on the same portfolio. The trend itself doesn’t say much but the numbers are useful – I would have collected $4931 as PASSIVE INCOME for the last quarter of this year.

Cold hard cash to my bank without additional manual efforts, very very nice 🙂



Thoughts that I like to leave with you

I hope you find something useful to take away from this post.

Firstly, I hope my watchlist will offer a list of “Income Generating” companies as a reference for you. Secondly, gaining an income from the listed companies on SGX is real and not rocket science – as long as you are investing with money that you can put aside, stay invested regularly and can stomach the volatility of the stock market and not lose sleep over it.

If so, then just sit back and let your money (and many other smart intelligent high fliers executives) works hard for you. You just enjoy your coffee and collect dividends.

If Warriortan (your simple everyday Singaporean) can do it, I am sure you can do it too!

Take care and enjoy your weekend.



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