Awaiting Q4 Dividends Eagerly

Time passes very fast, we are entering the last quarter of this year soon.

2 companies – SPH Reit and Fraser Commercial Trust have already announced the dates when they will announce their quarterly results. I expect more companies to announce this week.

In preparation, I have created a page that contains the Q4 2017 Results Release Date and Dividends Tracking for the companies on my watchlist. Hope you will find this page useful to you as it would be for me 🙂

Watchlist Companies: Q4’17 Dividend

Can’t wait to know their quarter dividends to complete this year passive income. So far, my portfolio has returned me above my target of 5% return. I hope this last quarter holds up for me to reach my target …. But I am actually a bit pessimistic … I got a feeling that things are going downhill.


If you are interested:

By the way, there were a few market developments this week that surprised me. I thought of sharing it with you if you miss it:

(1) Fraser Commercial Trust just announced that the HPE is not renewing their lease at Alexandra Park on 30 Sep.

And the announcement came so late! Just one week before. Does Fraser Commercial Trust already know of it earlier? If so, shouldn’t they release the information the moment they know it given that this is definitely market sensitive information.

I actually thought the lease would probably be renewed since they did not announce anything earlier. In any typical situation, the tenant should have given at least one month notice. In this case, if I were Fraser Commercial Trust, I would have asked for a longer notice period so that I will not suffer an immediate and sharp loss of income for an extended period. I would want more time to look for replacement tenants.

Well, let’s see how unit holders will react to this new on Monday? Will it drop back to the $1.25 range and below, when the market was extremely anxious about this earlier?

Well, for me and with my usual desire for some safety margin, I think i will only pick it up below $1.10 (~20% below the current price)…This is because I doubt too that HP-S will renew their lease at Alexandra. If these double hits materialise, it will reduce their dividends distribution capacity by 20%+ or more. Alas!

(2) Surprise, surprise that Perennial Real Estate Holding’s proposal for UEL did not receive the support of the UEL shareholders.

I thought it would be a breeze and formality for them given that OCBC and GES have already given the okay. Well, maybe UEL is worth a lot more …. let me find a chance to discover that out for myself.

(3) Lots of Capital Raising Activities and Rights issues for Unitholders … meaning Cash outflow 😦

Can’t they wait for my bonus????

Following Cache and MapleTree Logistics’ announcement of rights issues, Capitaland Commercial Trust and Manulife Reit made similar announcements.

If you are like me who hold shares in their Reits, then be prepared to cough out cash to subscribe to their rights issues. The rights issues are priced at such a big discount to the current share prices that if you miss it, it would be painful and costly. In the worst case, if you are struggling to come up the cash, then sell the rights entitlements. Money is on the table for you, don’t lose it and benefit others.

The secret is to apply for excess rights if you have more cash to spare … steep discount for sure

(4) Apples share price is collapsing despite the announcement of new iPhones

Is it the case of sell upon announcement?

…. “Opportunity to buy”, some may say … but I think I will wait.

I still remember the time when it was $90/$100 per share … has anything changed since then? … they lost more market share in China – I think

These are the few things that struck me this week … feel free to drop me a message or make a comment if I miss out any ground shaking announcement or trends.

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