Rising rates – Its going to be painful



1/3/6 Months SIBOR rates are climbing fast

Just went to have a look at the Sibor rates provided by DBS.

Got a bit of a rude shock – the 1, 3 and 6 months Sibor rates for Jan 2018 are at the 3 years high (2015/2016/2017 & Jan 2018).

  • 1 month is 1.331% (Q4 2017 ave was 1.033%)
  • 3 months is 1.504% (Q4 2017 ave was 1.152%)
  • 6 months is 1.731% (Q4 2017 ave was 1.387%)

An average increase of 0.3-0.35% within a month.

Ouch! That’s going to hurt our pockets when we pay our monthly dues for our mortgage loan.

How about Reits? I guess they will be affected too!

But I continue to be surprised that somehow their share prices can continue to climb and some even hit the 52 weeks high. Any insight from you?

The positive side – The Feb’18 Singapore Saving Bond First Year Interest Rate has gone up to 1.55%.

This rate sounds even better than the fixed deposit rates that I know. Furthermore, it is risk free.

Thank you Singapore Government.


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