Refresh Income Portfolio

I am glad that I created an income portfolio in Dec last year. Since then, I have not sold any of the companies that I have put inside which fulfilled one of the objectives that I wanted. I was doing too many buy and sell transactions that were not good for long term passive income generation. Given the success, I increased the number of companies from the initial 20 to 30. I also updated their 2017 dividend distributions as a proxy for this year expected dividend (thanks to readily available information on stockcafe). You can find the full 30 companies and their expected yields to me (based on cost) on this page.

The average yield on cost of this portfolio has increased to 5.3% following today’s refresh.

The top 5 contributors to the dividend expected from this portfolio are:

  1. OUE Commercial Trust
  2. SIA Engineering
  3. Starhill Global Reit
  4. IReit
  5. Singtel

As a group, their dividends made up to 48% of the total dividend expected to be collected from this portfolio.

The top 3 highest dividend yield companies are:

  1. Ireit (8.3%)
  2. OUE Commercial Trust (7.9%)
  3. Manulife Reit (7.5%)

I am happy to have created this “Income” Portfolio and look forward to not only maintain it but grow it strongly in future.


With regards,




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