Uncover my Index Portfolio (Q2’18)

There have been a few requests from readers to reveal the details of my index portfolio following my previous blog around the performance of my index portfolio that outperforms my growth and income portfolios combined.

As mentioned previously, compared to end Q1, I made a one time purchases of Gold ETF and Lion Philip S Reit ETF in June while I continue to accumulate ABF SG Bond Index Fund and SPDR or Nikko AM ST ETF monthly.

Despite loading up more Reit ETF, the expected dividend yield from this portfolio is still 3% because I had also increased exposure to Gold which provides no dividend.

I have also bought a new HK ETF – X ishares A50 ETF to gain exposure to China markets alongside ChinaAMC CSI 300 ETF as China market came down quite significantly recently with all the talks and actions on trade war with the US. X ishares A50 ETF tracks the index composed of the 50 largest companies in mainland China, trading on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.

Hope you find this a useful reference for constructing your own index portfolio if you are thinking of one.

By the way, the construct of my index portfolio is derived from the philosophy of permanent portfolio. You can read more about it from Investopedia: What is a permanent portfolio.

Have a great weekend folks.



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