Q4 Results & Div for My Watchlist

I am always excited by the first month of a new quarter.

It is the time when companies announce their quarterly results and more importantly, to income investors like me, they declare the dividends. And once the dividend goes XD a few days (or sometimes weeks) later, money will come into my bank automatically. What can be better than this … this is really what people call passive income. Just sit back, chill and collect income.


In helping me to track the announcement and expected dividends from the stocks in my watchlist, I will create a table outlining the announcement dates and expected dividends in absolute amount.

See the table below which I have updated till this evening.


I will copy and past the most updated version of this table into a specific blog page that you can find either in the banner of my webpage if you are accessing from a computer or via a dropdown menu if you are accessing from a mobile device.

You can click this and bring you to that blog page.

I hope it is helpful for you too.

As usual, SPH Reit will be the first off the mark and announce their results next Thursday and dividend distributions. Hope no major surprise => plain vanilla announcement is good :-).

Good luck folks.

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