The Keppel Showtime

The attention for this week’s earnings reporting will be on the Keppel group of companies. However, as it is the 3rd quarter of their FY, only Keppel Reit is expected to declare dividend.


The expectation is 1.42 cents/share, similar to Q1 and Q2. The annualised yield based on $1.12 per share is 5.0%. Well, still something to look forward to.

Although the rest are not declaring dividends, I am still interested to hear about the latest news/results from Keppel Corp and Keppel DC Reit.

Keppel Corp => I am interested to hear whether their various businesses are stabilizing and recovering, particularly their shipyard and Real Estate. It is interesting to observe that Keppel Corp have been privatizing their subsidiaries one after another in recent years. Keppel T&T will be next. I wonder what’s their grand plan. I have been accumulating Keppel Corp slowly in the last two years. Hopefully it will pay off.

Keppel DC Reit – its share price had dropped quite a fair bit recently along with the market. I am wondering if it is time to accumulate a few lots of this company.  I think it is one of the few Reits that has growth potential. Keppel T&T have a few data centres that they can offload to Keppel DC Reit after they become a private company.

Besides the Keppel group of companies, we will also get results from SPH and SGX. Both are also expected to declare dividends.

I hope SPH will keep the same final dividend distribution of 9 cents/share as last year. But I can’t be sure after they have been on this shopping spree lately. Shopping means spending cash. More cash outlay means less available for dividend.

Anyway, the 9 cents/share plus the 6 cents/share interim dividend will provide us a yield of 5.7% yield based on $2.63 per share.

Who knows, SPH may just announce the disposal of Seletar Mall to SPH Reit.

silver and gold coins
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SGX is expected to declare a 5 cents/share quarterly dividend for its 1st quarter of the FY and potentially yield us 4.3% for the full year. Happy!

Another one that I will be watching out for is Fraser Commercial Trust. I am interested to see if it is able to overcome the challenges posed by HP moving out of their Alexandra premise. In recent weeks, some analysts had come out to say good things about it after they had viewed the “refreshed” premise.

I hope so too – a crisis is also an opportunity for a breakthrough change and I hope Fraser Commercial grabs this opportunity.

Others expected this week are First Reit (wondering how bad their business is hit by the depreciating Indonesia Rupiah) and SoilBuild Reit (hope the worst is over for them).

By the way, in the midst of last week topsy-turvy market, I bought DBS and Parkway Life (finally I could get it at a price I feel comfortable) and sold M1 to raise the cash required to fund these purchases.


We are set for another exciting week ahead.

In the midst of that, let’s stay cool and collect dividends.

Good luck,


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