High 10 with CRCT & Starhill Global

It is great to see STI rebounding today after a few days of gloomy mood. I am also happy to know of CRCT and Starhill Global quarter results yesterday.

Although CRCT did not distribute dividends (as expected), I am very pleased that its operational performance has been good and it should support a 7.7% yield (@ a share price of $1.36).

A picture beats a thousand words, so, I have extracted the operational performance and financial management slide from CRCT presentation.

See for yourself 🙂


If CRCT share price weakens further, I will accumulate more. I am quite exposed already so I would want a bigger safety margin to add more.

Starhill Global Reit declared a quarter DPU of 1.15 cents and delivered a yield of 6.8%. This is meeting my expectations. So, I am feeling extremely good as SGR is a major passive income contributor to me. I am looking forward to it’s dividends rolling into my bank soon.

The next thing that I am looking forward to is Netlink Trust quarterly results and dividend announcement this Friday. It is another heavy weight in my portfolio. Hope there is no lousy surprise.

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4 thoughts on “High 10 with CRCT & Starhill Global

  1. Hi Warriortan,

    Isnt it quarterly distribution?

    Why do you say capitaland retail china trust is not distributing the dividends?


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