Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

Some of you who have started following my blog earlier may remember that I have an Index Portfolio (modeled after a permanent portfolio concept) alongside my Growth/Income Portfolio. It has been a long time since I last spoke about it, so I thought I will do it today. While I was actively managing (aka trading) … Continue reading Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

6% Yield Portfolio

With the last company on my watchlist reporting its quarterly results yesterday, I can wind up my dividend collection for the year already. I have managed to hit 6% yield from my portfolio. This outperforms my expectation of a 5% yield, with the help of some margin trading. While I am happy with this, the … Continue reading 6% Yield Portfolio

Keenly Await Singtel Dividends

Singtel is my biggest holding. It will release its first half results and interim dividend this coming Thursday. I expect Singtel to follow through on its commitments and declare 6.8 cents per share of dividends, or 2.1% yield this time, in support of the expected total dividend of 17.5 cents per share (or 5.5% yield) … Continue reading Keenly Await Singtel Dividends

Maximising Value from Your SSB Portfolio

If you have spare cash today, I won't hesitate to recommend SG Saving Bond (SSB) to you. It's the best investment product for Singaporeans out there now! The first year interest rate of the Dec'18 issue is 1.89%. Solid, right? I believe most of you are familiar with it. If not, you can click¬†hereto find … Continue reading Maximising Value from Your SSB Portfolio

Dangerous to buy based on yield

When I mentioned that Capitaland Retail China's 7.7% yield was attractive in my previous post, one reader rightly pointed out that it is¬†"dangerous to buy based on yield". I cannot agree more. I hope NONE of you will go away with this idea after reading my blog that we should only look at dividend yield … Continue reading Dangerous to buy based on yield