Q1’19 Dividends is just round the corner

I am grateful to receive several notes of encouragement from fellow bloggers after my “depressed” post yesterday. I believe they are in the same situation as me and yet they took the efforts to pen down a line or two to me. Some reminded me of previous events like the dot-com bubble burst, GFC but not to bring back those sad memories and to remind me that things will improve and we will see a silver lining. Just hang on and look for value. Thank you I will!

The other things that perk me up today are the announcements from SPH Reit and MapleTree Industrial Trust on their planned earning release dates and accompanying it, the expected dividend announcement.

Woo-hoo, next quarter dividend is just round the corner again! If we can’t get capital gain now, at least let’s be satisfied with income gain.

I can literally hear the cash register ringing already … LOL

I have also reset my dedicated page on dividend announcement for the new quarter. You can access it using this link.

Hope some of you will find it useful.

Have a great weekend






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