My Top10 & Who Own Them Too

(Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for StockCafe)

I found another interesting feature on StockCafe yesterday while reviewing the performance of my portfolios. I can see how many fellow StockCafe subscribers actually own the same stock as me. Although it doesn’t influence me directly in my investment decisions, it provides another useful reference point and information for reflection. Thank you Evan (founder of StockCafe)

Below is a summary of the results:

My Top10 Holding Companies % of Stockcafe subscribers owning the same shares
1 Singtel 62%
2 Frasers Property 12%
3 Starhill Global 21%
4 Manulife Reit 8%
5 Q&M Dental 1%
6 Ireit 4%
7 Accordia Golf 11%
8 Netlink Trust 26%
9 St Engin 16%
10 DBS 28%

Surprise! But no surprise that Singtel is the most favourite stock of everyone.

I am not sure if this is because many of us in StockCafe are of that generation that had the “Discounted Singapore Telecom shares”, which was offered by the Singapore government to us at $2/share in 1993. Many of us became a “equity investor” overnight. But the catch is that we could only subscribe to and held it in our CPF accounts. It was claimed that Singtel has a million shareholders overnight because of this 🙂

But on the other hand, I am not surprised if Singtel enjoys a strong following given its attractive and reliable (used to be but less certain in the future) dividend distribution of ~ 5%.

Other Interesting Analysis …

Other stocks in my Top10 that are also favourites among StockCafe subscribers are  Starhill Global, Netlink Trust and DBS. But having say that, they are way way below Singtel. I did further analysis that Starhill Global is the second most popular Reit after CapitaMall Trust. Does that surprise you?

There are also stocks which I hold a substantial holding that are not popular among others. They are Manulife Reit, Q&M Dental and Ireit. I guess “not local” reits that are totally exposed to overseas markets are not very popular. I personally thought Q&M Dental business model looks quite resilient with a fair share of growth but obviously this view is not shared by many other fellow investors. In fact, it is so pathetic that its 1 out of 100 fellow investors. Maybe I need to have a closer look at it again.

Amongst the Banks, DBS and OCBC are clear favourites over UOB.

For fun and comparison, I decided to review all our 3 local big banks.

I can understand the attractiveness of DBS to investors especially after their recent commitment to higher dividend payout. But why is OCBC over UOB. Is it because OCBC is seen to be more growth oriented and UOB is more conservative. I wonder? Personally, I like UOB more than OCBC. DBS is clearly the darling bank amongst us 🙂

Any take/insight from you on this? Are these same stocks found in your portfolio too?

Hope to hear from you too.

Have a great investment week ahead.

With regards,




9 thoughts on “My Top10 & Who Own Them Too

    1. When you click on the individual stock, it will go to a dedicated page for the stock. The info will be available on the bottom right corner. If you can’t find it, let me know


    1. Hmmm, but if you buy ETF its only as good as market. Lol I will state upfront I kinda abandoned index, and decided to go along my strategy of “optimum dividend yield” on my filter.

      On your point of if everyone owns the same stock, it means you wont beat the market – i have alternate views. One could have bought singtel at average price of 3.7, and another at an average price of 3.1. At 17.5 cents, the first has a dividend yield of 4.7%, while the latter has a dividend yield of 5.6%.
      My two cents.

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      1. Cant help but keep thinking about what beating the market means… i think its suitable for a broader discussion, although most studies conclude its difficult to beat index investing (but not impossible).

        On a 2nd point, i think chiamster mentioned abt the f score as his basis for picking stocks. Over time i felt it wasnt better at picking out better stocks, but it is still a good gauge or report card for measuring the same counter over time. I would encourage you to try it for once on starhills past three years financials.

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