Q1 has been a good quarter; I have benefited from it too and gameplan is on track

I like to first apologise to my subscribers for not being active in the last few weeks. Work and family matters have taken up a lot of my time and attention lately, leaving very little energy left in me to blog and share my thoughts. But time waits for no man and silently, first quarter of the year is coming to an end.

For the market players and investors, Q1 has been a good quarter. I have benefited from it too.

I managed to get ~ 8% gain in my investment portfolios as of today compared to end 2018. It is better than the gain in STI of ~ 6% but it pales in comparison to the Chinese, Hong Kong and US markets.

I was able to outperform STI because I have a higher weighting of REITs in my portfolios and I have some positions in the overseas markets that performed better than STI.

Out of the 8% gain, 1.4% was because of dividend received in Q1. Due to many companies who ended their financial year on 31 Dec 2018, they have also declared their final dividend which will be exercised and paid in Q2 2019. Hence, assuming I don’t sell these stocks that are in my current holding, I will get at least another 0.87% yield by end Q2. Bringing first half dividend yield to at least 2.27%.

Hence, I am pretty confident that my 5% dividend yield target will be achieved.

The chart below shows the absolute amount of dividends that I received in Q1 2019 versus 2018. Glad to see that more dividends is received this year so far and I hope the same will happen for Q2.


While this target of 5% dividend yield is the most important one for me, I have set up other goals too. Reference: My 2019 Game Plan Explained

1. Subscribe SSB to the new max – Not there yet but I should achieve it by middle of the year

2. Grow my index portfolio – Managed to grow it by 4% in value at end Q1. Relative to my other portfolios – income and growth, it has also increased in proportion.

By end Q1 2019, (versus end 2018)

  • Index Portfolio – 17% (End 2018 – 13.5%)
  • Income Portfolio – 23% (versus 21%)
  • Growth Portfolio – 60% (versus 65%)

I will continue my regular monthly investments in index funds/ETF and therefore, it will continue to grow in size 🙂

3. Increase Average views per month in my Blog further – Oops, I think I am faring quite badly in this one. I hope things will be more settled in coming months and I can do this more often.

Sharing my reflections

The market has been very unpredictable. From extreme pessimism near end 2018 to a joyous mood today – who would have thought of this … but I guess all these are part and parcel of the market. It is temperamental and it keeps us all on our toes all the time.

Furthermore, I am finding less time available in researching and discovering “undervalued” companies now. Hence, I would be switching more to index investing and you will hear less of me talking about individual companies going forward.

I will also be investing more and more outside Singapore. Our local market is seeing less and lesser interest and actions from investors now. And with the accessibility of index investing, it has opened up more options for me in this space and gratefully, at a lower risk.

I hope Q2 will be as good if not better than Q1.

But if something unexpected happens, you will probably see me in actions with my warchest looking for good bargains for the long-term 🙂

Meanwhile, take care folks and have a great investment week ahead.

With regards,



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