Revealing More of My Q1

I received a few questions following my last blog which sparked the inspiration to do another blog tonight.

Some of you were interested in the size of my portfolios but sorry folks, I am not comfortable to reveal.

It is not big enough – I am just a normal employee in a company that has been working for over 2 decades plus. It is not small but I still need to work very hard and hopefully use the remaining few years to accumulate more cash and build my portfolios to a suitable size to support a reliable passive income generation for me and my family.

My aim is 5% yield and based on a typical monthly family expenditure, you can probably guess the quantum that I am aiming for.

Yes, I have 3 investment portfolios.

First is my Index portfolio which holds all my ETFs and unit trusts. I want to grow this portfolio in the coming years and I have been resisting selling my holding in this portfolio. Second is my Income portfolio which holds all the stocks that I have no intention to sell. They provide decent returns to me with their dividends. Last is my Growth portfolio which holds stocks that I tend to trade.

It is the biggest one among the 3 but I am also trimming it quite aggressively as I move from a “trader” to an “income” investor and having a greater preference for index ETFs.

The design of my Index Portfolio is based on the philosophy of permanent portfolio.

So, I have designed the ratio of the value of Bond-Equity-Gold-Reit as 35%/40%/5%/20%. In terms of geographical distribution, it is 50% Singapore weighted and the remaining 50% is spread over US, HK, China and Malaysia.

What are my top 5 stock holdings as at 31 Mar 2019?

  1. Singtel
  2. OUE Commercial Trust
  3. Frasers Property
  4. Starhill Global
  5. Q&M Dental

Which companies give me the most dividends in Q1?

  1. Manulife Reit
  2. OUE Commercial Trust
  3. Frasers Property
  4. Capitaland Retail China Trust
  5. Ireit

Mostly Reits.

Any company that I think is overvalued?

I think many are rather “expensive” now … the downside risk is higher than the upside risk.

But if you put a gun to my head and want me to choose, it will be Raffles Medical Group and maybe Keppel Corp. (I am vested in them by the way just to declare upfront)

Well, I hope the above answers are helpful to you.

Q2 dividend is beckoning and I can’t wait for the result release 🙂


Have a great week ahead.




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