Giving MoneyOwl a Try

Another disheartened day at work made me yearned for FIRE* even more today than yesterday. My blog yesterday prompted many good feedback and opinions from fellow financial bloggers who offered different perspectives. They also offered a good dose of encouragement to me, of which I am very grateful for. It also bumped up the number of subscribers to my blog to 179, another thing to be grateful for. All these eased much of the frustration that has been building up internally ….

Well, enough of me … this blog is not about me.

This is about another useful article that I read from last Sunday Invest section. The title of that article was  “MoneyOwl rolls out low cost investment portfolio service”. Well, the title is self explanatory and said it all. 

For someone like me who is progressively retiring from “active trading” to “passive income earning”, this article sure caught my eyes immediately.

(By the way, I don’t receive any advertising fees from MoneyOwl)


MoneyOwl is a Joint Venture between NTUC Enterprise Cooperation and Providend Holding. The former, which is closely related to our government, gave me a good level of security about it. It is positioned as a “bionic” adviser, which it defines as the best of 2 worlds of technology and human advice.

There is a very quotable comment from the CEO of MoneyOwl, Ms Chuin Ting Weber in the article that I like very much. It reads

“Successful investing is not about maximising returns or even maximising risk-adjusted returns. It is about getting the best probability of meeting your financial goals so that you can achieve your life goals”

… how true, isn’t it? Well put across! I can subscribe to this philosophy if MoneyOwl is guided by this.

MoneyOwl has been around for a while, it started with Insurance and Will writing services earlier and it is just rolling out its Investment Module as we speak.

For their Investment Module, the minimum investment is JUST $100 for one-off investment and $50 a month for regular saving plans.

Wow, even my boy can start investing with his ang bao money now 🙂

The all-in annual fees ranges from 1.15% to 1.21% depending on which portfolio you choose – conservative, moderate, balance, growth or equity (in that order).

I know the fees is higher than the ETFs. But overall, I think it is still reasonable considering that:

  • You don’t have to pay commission (or sales charge) like you buy ETFs from the stock market.
  • You can just invest $100 each time only and whenever you have some money on hand to do so. That investment amount can be even lower if you do so regularly

I intend to start a portfolio for each of my children with a regular investment of $50 per month and let them enjoy the benefits of compounded interest over time. I guess since the portfolio is for my kids, it can be aggressive and I will go for equity. Let me set them up and in time to come, I will blog and share more of my experience.

You can check out the website of MoneyOwl if it appeals to you too.

Hope you find this useful.

Take care folks. Weekend is just round the corner …. must tong and tahan for another day, okay …..



* FIRE = Financially Independent Retire Early

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