Dividend Galore Week !

Singtel and Netlink Trust are going to release their full year results this week and without question, they will also declare dividends. We already know what Singtel is going to declare = 10.7 cents per shares. Together with the 6.8 cents interim dividend earlier, the full year dividend yield will come to 5.5% (Shiok man!) Singtel is my largest holding and its dividend this quarter will make up 50% of all the dividends I am going to collect this quarter.

Related to Singtel is Netlink, the former is its largest shareholder. Hence, their financial year is synchronised. Dividend from Netlink Trust is expected to be 2.44 cents and hopefully more 😊. Together with the 2.44 cents declared half a year ago, the full year dividend yield from Netlink Trust will be 5.8%. Netlink Trust is one of my top 10 holding and hence, its dividend contribution is also significant to me.

I also expect SATS to declare 12 cents of dividend when they present their full year results on Friday. 12 cents + 6 cents earlier will mean 3.4% yield at current price. I bought my SATS at less than $5, so my actual yield on my investment is higher. But my holding is small. If a price correction comes, maybe I will accumulate more. This is one stock I would like to hold for long term.

So, looking forward to a “Dividend Galore Week”!

money pink coins pig
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Have a great week ahead.

Wth regards,




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