Its Dividend time again … Yipee!

The curtain on the Trump-Xi show was rung down on Saturday but there was no drama or firework. Even our usual polite PM didn’t mince his words when he said that he was worried. It tells us how bad the collaboration was among the biggest and richest nations in the world. But with that distracting “show” out of way, it is back to basics for us as investors.

Q3 result announcements are just around the corner.

Several companies had already announced their results release dates – see table below.

Q3 2019 Companies Div?
11-Jul SPH Reit Q3 Y
12-Jul SPH Q3 N
15-Jul Keppel Reit Q2 Y
16-Jul Keppel DC Reit Q2 Y
18-Jul Keppel Corp Q2 Y
23-Jul MIT Q1 Y
25-Jul MCT Q1 Y
31-Jul SGX Q4 Y

I am looking forward to the dividends many of them will be declaring.

OUE Commercial and Hospitality Trust

In particular for this quarter, I will be looking out for OUE Commercial Trust (#2 holding in my portfolio) which will declare its half yearly dividend. It should also be making the final touches to its merger with OUE Hospitality Trust. I will get some money back from the 4 cents per OUE H share that OUE C will pay and the quarterly dividends from OUE H.

I don’t see minority shareholders creating the upset like in Challenger and Indofood Agri. Actually, inside me, I was happy that their minority shareholders team up to create this dramatic “upset” – this would make the majority shareholder, their management and the board members sit up, take notice and do not ignore small investors like us in any future corporate actions.

I will not object to the OUE C and OUE H merger but personally, it will mean that my holding of OUE Commercial will go up significantly, closer to the 8% region. It is not something I like. I will be looking for an appropriate  opportunity to reduce my stake in OUE Commercial to 5% or so to reduce risk concentration. But no fire sale needed so I will be patient.

Capitaland Retail China Trust

I will also be looking forward to the half yearly dividends from Capitaland Retail China Trust, CRCT (#5 holding in my portfolio). I have accumulated quite a bit of CRCT shares in the last one year and I should get a pretty tidy sum of dividend this time 🙂


Ireit will also be distributing its half yearly dividend this quarter. Its #10 in my portfolio. The recent entry of City Development as a substantial shareholder of IReit and its manager is a very interesting development. I wonder what’s up City Development’s sleeves but it is A good thing anyway as it will lend greater strength and credibility to IReit. Let’s see how things goes from here.


On the overall front, I am doing rather well on dividend yield. Up to today, I have achieved 3.1% yield on my cash investment. If everything goes well, 5% yield by end of the year is very doable.

Let’s sit tight, stay calm (regardless of how the market responds to the disappointing T-X show) and collect dividends.

Have a great investment week ahead, folks.




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