From “SPH” to “Keppel” week – Expected Dividends & Dates Table attached

The past week was a relative quiet one for me. No major changes to my portfolio because there wasn’t any reason for me to do anything. STI index gained 6 points or moved just 0.2% in the 5 trading days.

On the contrary, the US market was in full buoyancy, breaking records after records. The US investors must be wondering where was the trade war. Once again, it points to me the need to have diversified portfolio. I have some US exposure but it is not big enough to move the needle.

While US see no trade war impact, it is clearly not the case in Singapore economy. We heard on Friday that it slowed down sharply, growing only at a meager 0.1% yr-on-yr in Q2 2019. From CNA, I learned this is the lowest growth rate since the global financial crisis in mid-2009.

I can’t help feeling concerned about our SG economy. I think our local stock market will react negatively to this news come next week. To me, it is evident that recession is just round the corner and things will probably get worse before they get better.

However, as an income investor, any correction (not that I want it) will be an opportunity to strengthen our portfolio and make it more resilient for sustainable income generation. So, look on the bright side.

This week, I did the same again – reducing my exposure to Singtel to reduce it to below 10% again. My Singtel holding somehow crept up as Singtel moved to $3.55 and after I reduced my stake in Frasers Logistics Trust and IReit. Asian Pay TV also made an unexpected leap upwards in the middle of the week. I took the opportunity to sell a bit into the rally too before it fell back dramatically.

SPH Reit released their results on Thursday and once again, it disappointed its minority shareholders with no news on Seletar Mall. But on the positive side, it continues to maintain the DPU. So no complaint from me. I will just collect the dividends and earn 5.5% yield (as I bought at lower price, current yield is 5.0%)

All in all, no major shift in my holdings and portfolios … just small adjustments here and there.

I am looking forward to next week when the Keppel Group of Companies and Capitaland Commercial will release their results and their DIVIDENDS too! See table below

Have a great investment week ahead.



Q3 2019 Companies Div? Act. (cents) Exp. (cents)
11-Jul SPH Reit Q3 Y 1.39 1.34
12-Jul SPH Q3 N 0
15-Jul Keppel Reit Q2 Y 1.39
16-Jul Keppel DC Reit Q2 Y 3.62
17-Jul Capitaland Com Q2 Y 4.1
18-Jul Keppel Corp Q2 Y 15
22-Jul FCOT Q3 Y 2.40
MLT Q1 Y 2.02
23-Jul MIT Q1 Y 3.08
FCT Q3 Y 3.1
CapitaMall Q2 Y 2.88
25-Jul MCT Q1 Y 2.31
Cache Q2 Y 1.5
AIT Q4 N 0
26-Jul SIA Engineering Q1 N 0
Suntec Q2 Y 2.47
FLT Q3 N 0
29-Jul MNACT Q1 Y 1.956
Areit Q1 N 0
Raffles Medical Q2 Y 0.5
30-Jul CDLHT Q2 Y 4.95
31-Jul SGX Q4 Y 7.5
ParkwayLife Q1 Y 3.19
1-Aug HK Land Q2 Y 6
2-Aug OCBC Q2 Y 19
UOB Q2 Y 50
14-Aug AGT Q4 N 0


3 thoughts on “From “SPH” to “Keppel” week – Expected Dividends & Dates Table attached

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing, it really helped. It will be much helpful if the counters with yield, percentage of total your investment amount but without number of shares that you are holding is shared and proflio changes.

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