Random Thoughts about Last Week Happenings

It is a nice change after several week of losses to see “Greens” emerging on my Singapore and Hong Kong portfolios again.

The Hang Seng and Strait Times Index gained about 2% each. While the gain on my Hong Kong stocks was more broad-based, this was not the case for my Singapore portfolio. It’s only the 3 local banks that led the most of the gain in STI.

Relative to STI, the beta of my Singapore portfolio was 0.5 (calculated by Stockcafe), i.e. for every 1% gain/loss in STI, my portfolio valuation will move 0.5% up/down respectively. Hence, my gain was modest and none of my top holdings move significantly. On the overall basis, I am glad that the momentum was sustained and maybe we will see more broad-based gain here this week.

Following on my last week post, I didn’t manage to get hold of any IREIT last week as it hung on persistently to 75 cents and above for almost the whole week. I will try again this week and if I still cannot get it then I will probably increase my target purchase.

This weekend, I did some homework to study the past years financial reports and statements of Accordia Golf Trust. I wasn’t as impressed as I was with IREIT the previous week. I would not add more to what I have already at current price. I may consider if its share price drops below 50 cents.

SoilBuild Reit rights issue was under subscribed even after adding the excess rights applied. So, I think I would get all the excess rights that I applied for. To start with, I only have <100 rights but I applied for a few thousands excess rights at 53 cents. So, I guess I would get everything. Okay, I have to start monitoring Soilbuild Reit again. I hope from now onwards, they will buck up and do better than before.

I got the “unexpected” notification that SIA 3.03% 2024 bond will be paying its first coupon by end of this month. I wasn’t monitoring it so I was happy to be surprised by this news.

For most of this and next month, I will be seeing dividends declared earlier this quarter, filling up my coffer – pure joy!

Receive dividends is always a happy affair. Who doesn’t like passive income and happiness it generate?

Do you feel the same?

Have a great investment week folks.

Will catch up again next week.




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