My Portfolio Management Philosophy

Below is a comparison of my Top-10 holdings at end 24 Oct and end Aug 2019. End Oct-19 End Aug-19 1. Singtel (same) Singtel 2. OUE (up from #10) OUE Com Reit 3. Eagle Hospitality (up from #9) Raffles Medical 4. Centurion (-) Q&M 5. Q&M (down from #4) Accordia Golf 6. Raffles Medical (down … Continue reading My Portfolio Management Philosophy

Queen Mary (EHT)

It has been almost a month since my last post. There was no new inspiration that came to me to want to pen something down in the last few weeks. However, its a different story on the trading front. Reflecting on my trading activities for the last few weeks, I realise that I did quite … Continue reading Queen Mary (EHT)