2019 Dividends Round-Up

I managed to meet my target of 5% dividend yield for 2019 by delivering 5.25% for my equity portfolios (growth and income).

But this is a drop from 2018 when I got 6.0%.

The absolute amount of dividends that I received is slightly lower than last year. I managed to grow my equity portfolio slightly and that helped to make up some lost grounds on yield dividend.

On closer examination, I realised that I had reduced my exposure to SReits given the steady climb in their share price over the 12 months. Interestingly, they seem to show some weakness in the last 2 weeks and I am wondering if it is a harbinger of what may be coming …

I transferred the funds that I got to SSB, SG Govt Bonds and Index portfolio for “safety” and diversification reasons. However, they provided a much lower dividend yields compared to my equity portfolios as we would expect  … Lower risk lower return.

My Top 10 dividend contributors for 2019 are … (I also provided 2018 for reference):

2019 Remarks 2018
Singtel … same Singtel
Manulife US Reit up Asian Pay TV
OUE CT up Starhill
OUE new M1
CapitaRetailChina new Cache
HPH Trust new Ireit
Ireit down Manulife US Reit
FrasersProperty new OUE CT
Cache down SPH
Netlink Trust new HPH Trust

Quite a change as you can see .. 5 remain while 5 are new.

Singtel continues to be the my top dividend contributor and that is the only thing unchanged. I hope they can continue to keep the current dividend distribution.

Asian Pay TV fell off the list as they slashed their dividend significantly. Starhill Global also fell off as I reduced my exposure to it significantly. M1 was for the obvious reason that it was taken private by Keppel and SPH.

Rounding up, I am still happy that my passive income is still largely intact.

Although it is not sufficient for me to declare that I am ready for FIRE yet, it is making progress and a step closer.

Will share more details of my individual portfolios and plan for 2020 in subsequent blogs.

Meanwhile, take care and have a great investment week ahead.




3 thoughts on “2019 Dividends Round-Up

  1. I think the 5% dividend yield can be used as just a guide, there’s a lot more than dividend yield when it comes to making the right investment choice or not. But yes, like you mentioned, a higher dividend yield does provide a more certain “ROI”. In general dividend paying stocks also do better in the long run. I also use dividend yield often to decide whether to buy a stock or not. That being said, I’m very glad you achieved your goal for this year!!

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    1. Some people said that I was giving myself a easy target … 🙂 But nevertheless, 5% gain is better than no gain or a loss. If I can ever accumulate $1 Mln cash investment, then 5% is already $50k, very very nice!

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