Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Last week financial headlines were either dominated by the impending local election or the worsening COVID-19 situation in US. The latter is spooking investors so much so that Dow Jones dropped 700 points on Friday alone.

The local STI was trading within a very tight range throughout the week, and clearly losing the steam to surge further upwards given the COVID-19 concerns. It is likely that STI will mirror Dow Jones and fall come Monday 29-Jun-2020.

Reflecting on my trading activities last week, they were mainly to continue to buy/add more of my favourites – Suntec Reit and Mapletree Commercial Trust to my portfolio after they had dropped ~ 10% from recent their highs.

They were small nibbles. I am holding back because I feel that if the COVID-19 situation in US doesn’t improve, their share prices will drop further and provide an opportunity for me to accumulate at even lower price. If the late March COVID-19 impact is a reference, we may see another 20% drop from current level.

But nobody can predict the future.

woman in blue long sleeved dress on rope bridge
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These are well run companies and I believe they will survive the current COVID-19 challenges. For my favourite companies, which are all dividend distributing companies and I feel are well run, I tend to accumulate a bit of them from time to time.

Some of you had asked, what are the companies on top of my watchlist this week?

Well, they are: (and they are in no order of preferences)

  1. Olam
  2. OCBC
  3. UOL
  4. Dairy Farm
  5. Capitaland

They had all come off their recent highs lately – actually more than what I expected.

I own the shares of these companies currently but if their share prices fall further this week, I would be tempted to accumulate more shares for long term investment and to build up passive income for the future.

Have a great investment week ahead.



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