Index Portfolio Components

I received a few queries asking for more details of the ETFs that made up my Index Portfolio. Hence, I decided to do a post on this. Note all except Equities #2/#3 can be brought like shares via SGX. Equities #2/#3 are unit trusts for exposure to US and HK markets

For Bonds:

  1. ABF Singapore Bond Index Fd (A35.SI)
  2. iShares Barclays Capital USD Asia High Yield Bond Index ETF (O9P.SI)

For Equities

  1. SPDR Straits Times Index ETF (ES3.SI)
  2. Infinity U.S. 500 Stock Index Fund – unit trust
  3. Allianz GIF Hong Kong Equity Fund SGD – unit trust

For Gold

  1. SPDR Gold Shares (O87.SI)

For Reits

  1. Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF (CLR.SI)
  2. Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF (BYI.SI)

Hope you guys find the above useful.

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