2021 Target: Increase net worth by 5%

Trained by years of corporate life, making personal Tasks and Targets (T&T) for the year has become an annual affair. For my investment journey this year, I have set the following T&T for 2021:

1. Increase my net worth by 5% is the key overriding one. After failing to deliver on this target last year, I have moderated down my expectation given the uncertainties that are still around today.

2. Reduce my debt level further by the same quantum as this year. I like to be “debt-free” by the time I retire.

3. Diversify my portfolio further by

  • Growing my index portfolio to 32% of total
  • Growing my overseas exposure to 28% of equity portfolio
  • Maintaining total holding of Top10 equities counter to < 30% of total

4. Achieve 4.5% dividend yield on my equity portfolio (down from my usual target of 5%) and 3% on index portfolio

5. Reduce number of holding in my equity portfolio to < 60 counters

6. Read one personal investment and one self improvement books a quarter

I hope you will find this useful.

Better still if it inspires you to set similar personal financial target for yourself.

Photo by Nick Bondarev on Pexels.com

Happy New Year folks and wishing everyone a safe, joyous and successful 2021.

With regards,


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