Week 1 Highlights : DBS, Oil & Beyond Meat

Delighted that STI rose 5% this week and my portfolio value was also buoyed by it. No prize for guessing what I did … “SELL” – to take some profit off.

My biggest trade this week was around DBS.

The rally on its share price was phenomenal, it gained almost 10% in a week. The best performer of the three local banks and maybe even among the STI index stocks too. Although I was tempted to retain it to receive an assured 3-4% dividend yield, I couldn’t help taking a bit of profit off the table. The rise was too sharp. #SGRally, #DBS, #TradingAroundCore

I didn’t sell my OCBC and UOB though. And for those who followed my blog, OCBC has now overtaken Ascendas Reit as my #1 holding.

The other major activities was to take some capital back from oil related stocks in US. Yes it’s capital not profit.

The rally in crude oil price had led to a rise in share price of most/all oil majors. I do not think the rally is sustainable given the world is awash with oil today. Furthermore, the global themes (see below) are also not helping.

I took the opportunity to switch out of these companies into new emerging tech companies – I find them more resilient in the future environment with COVID, greater Digital Integration, Global Warming, ESG, the new Joe Biden administration etc.

Believe it or not, I bought a few shares in Beyond Meat which will motivate me to learn more about this industry. #BeyondMeat

I am very intrigued by their business and somehow I have this feeling that this trend of meat substitution will only grow stronger, drawing parallel to Tesla 🙂 Even in Singapore now, we can have laboratory manufactured meat in a restaurant. Unbelievable !! 😲

Hope the rally continues !

Have a great weekend and a super investment week ahead.

With regards,


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