End Jan 2021 Top-10 holding & Dividend Contributors

A short post to record the Top 10 holdings and dividend contributors (declared or went ex-div) as at end Jan 2021:

Below is the table of Top-10 holding

1Suntec Reit
3OUE Commercial Reit
4Ascendas Reit
8Netlink Trust
9Manulife Reit
10Hong Kong Land

Key highlights (compared to end Dec 2020):

  1. DBS is out of Top10 holding (not surprising with the sales done in Jan)
  2. Netlink Trust replaces it at #8
  3. The rest remain though positions have changed (good to see the stability)
  4. Singtel drops further to #6
  5. Suntec Reit leapfrogged everyone to the #1 position as its share price closed at $1.60 on Friday. It could have been Ascendas Reit if not for some profit taking that I did.
  6. My combined holding of these Top 10 companies is still < 30% of my total and that is good too

In terms of dividends declared or went ex-div, the following were the Top-10 contributors

1OUE C Reit
2Suntec Reit
3Sabana Reit
4SPH Reit
5CDL H Reit
6Frasers Property
7KeppelDC Reit
8KeppelPacOak Reit
9ESR Reit
10Ascott Reit

Not surprising to see that most of them are Reits and it would probably change as more companies start to report dividends in the coming few weeks.

That’s all folks for this report.

Stay safe and take care.

Have a great investment week ahead.




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