Wk 9 : Buy some more on weakness

The title speaks for itself. Week 9 was an interesting one. While we see the usual pattern that the Singapore STI took an opposite path to HK Hang Seng Index and US S&P500 and Nasdaq again, for a change, the STI went up 2% while the rest went down (HK was down 6%, Nasdaq down … Continue reading Wk 9 : Buy some more on weakness

Wk-8: Swing to Buy

Fast, its week 8 already. After weeks of selling, I started to open up my war chest and buy in the last fortnight. Most of my purchases were in Singapore and USA shares. Of the three markets that I pay most attention, Singapore continued to underperform against USA and Hong Kong in the last fortnight. … Continue reading Wk-8: Swing to Buy