Q1 Dividend Performs & A-Reit Tops the List

I am glad that dividend collected in Q1 is almost equal to that of same period last year. To be precise, 96% of Q1 2021. This is giving me a lot of confidence that I am building a portfolio that provides reliable and sustainable passive income. If I can continue to accumulate wealth by moderating … Continue reading Q1 Dividend Performs & A-Reit Tops the List

1.6% Dividend Yield (YTD)

HongKong Land reported its full year results and the dividends to be distributed last week. While it kept the same dividend amount, i.e. 22 cents/share, it actually suffered a net cash OUTflow of S$533 Mln (vs INflow of +US$508 Mln in 2020). It can afford to do so only because it has a lot of … Continue reading 1.6% Dividend Yield (YTD)