Q1 Dividend Performs & A-Reit Tops the List

I am glad that dividend collected in Q1 is almost equal to that of same period last year. To be precise, 96% of Q1 2021.

This is giving me a lot of confidence that I am building a portfolio that provides reliable and sustainable passive income.

If I can continue to accumulate wealth by moderating my consumption and investing my savings, I may even be able to grow it further. Finger crossed.

There was a time when I doubt this is possible as several of my Reits distributed their dividends early when they did private placement to raise funds for acquisition.

So this is a real surprise! I hope Q2 will show the same.

Just to share – The Top 10 contributors to my dividends in Q1 are

Together, they accounted for 65% of all the dividends that I received in Q1.

Hope this can provide some inspiration to you in the current gloomy investment climate.

Have a great time for the remainder of this week !




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