Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Last week financial headlines were either dominated by the impending local election or the worsening COVID-19 situation in US. The latter is spooking investors so much so that Dow Jones dropped 700 points on Friday alone. The local STI was trading within a very tight range throughout the week, and clearly losing the steam to … Continue reading Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Half Time Dividend Yield 2.6%

As I am typing this, I am seeing Dow Jones Futures hovering at 900 pts below yesterday closing number. This is the "first" 900 points change for quite a while. Back in mid March to early April, we saw heart-stopping 800-900 points change on the Dow Jones index every few days. Since then, the US … Continue reading Half Time Dividend Yield 2.6%

Dividends (and Others) to Show …

What a tumultuous start to the new investment in year! With a blink of an eye, 2 months have passed. My key takeaway so far are: (1) My equity portfolio lost 6% in value. Mainly in my Growth portfolio, which has the more risky and volatile companies. I had also done some switching out of … Continue reading Dividends (and Others) to Show …

When Dividends is my only consolation …

The bloodshed in the market for the last few days would have frightened any faint-heart investors away. Even seasoned investors like me was also appalled by the speed and magnitude of the fall, especially today - 28 Feb. The selling was simply ferocious and relentless ... Many of the stocks had reached levels that I … Continue reading When Dividends is my only consolation …

Having the 5% Annual Yield Target Helps Shape My Investment Approaches

Yesterday X'mas eve dinner with my extended family was nothing fancy but it was a nice and cosy family dinner around our dinning table. It is such moment that makes me feel that it doesn't take much for one to feel contended for and be grateful. I feel the same in personal investment.     … Continue reading Having the 5% Annual Yield Target Helps Shape My Investment Approaches

Random Thoughts about Last Week Happenings

It is a nice change after several week of losses to see "Greens" emerging on my Singapore and Hong Kong portfolios again. The Hang Seng and Strait Times Index gained about 2% each. While the gain on my Hong Kong stocks was more broad-based, this was not the case for my Singapore portfolio. It's only the … Continue reading Random Thoughts about Last Week Happenings

Is dividend growth y-o-y a must? Am I too easily contended?

Let me first reflect on Aug 2019 before going to the main topic. It wasn't a happy month for many investors. Most indices across the world went lower, with Hong Kong being one of the worst. Guess what, Singapore wasn't far behind. These two trading hubs are bearing the backlash from the US-China trade war. … Continue reading Is dividend growth y-o-y a must? Am I too easily contended?

My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

Following my post yesterday, some of you had inquired about my dividends. Sorry I am not comfortable to reveal the amount but I am happy to share my STAR dividend contributors in Q3 and also Year-To-Date. To Recap, my dividend yield year to date is 4.5% on cash investment. It is spread out relatively well … Continue reading My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

4.5% Yield Year-To-Date, helped by Leverage

The last company on my watchlist reported its quarterly results and dividend declaration on 14-Aug. Along with that, I was able to establish that my dividend yield on cash investment (up to today) is 4.5%. I do not see an issue meeting my 5.0% target by end of the year. My dividend yield received a … Continue reading 4.5% Yield Year-To-Date, helped by Leverage