Opportunity for Portfolio Adjustment

The volatility of the market has returned again. The CBOE Volatility Index which gives an indication of the market volatility jumped from 12.85 on the 6th May to 22.87 on 9th May 10.40 pm (GMT+8). By the way, this index can actually be traded but you must be able o stomach a wild ride. Stay … Continue reading Opportunity for Portfolio Adjustment

Lost 40% just a few months after started investing

I received this from a reader recently: Reader: I want to give up investing already. It is so difficult. I started a few months ago and I have already lost 40% of my original capital by investing in equities. Don't you feel insecure when you invest in equities? How do you "stay calm and collect … Continue reading Lost 40% just a few months after started investing

What stocks to consider accumulating

I chanced upon a list of "target prices" that DBS Treasury published for selected Singapore equities. I compared these target prices against the current prices of the companies in my watchlist and got the table below. I thought of sharing this table with you. It shows the biggest upsides between the current prices and the … Continue reading What stocks to consider accumulating