Favourite SG-Specific Financial Bloggers & Websites

I enjoy reading articles from my favourite SG-Specific financial/investment bloggers & websites as follows:


I thought I would share this list with you as you may also find their contributions equally insightful and enjoyable like I do.

I will update this list if I come across more interesting ones in the future. If you know a site that you feel that I should know and update this list, please feel free to drop me an email. Thank you.

Financial/Investment Blogs

#1 :  A Singaporean Stock Investors

This website needs no introduction. It is definitely my first choice – I like the comprehensive set up of his website, the wealth of financial information available and the way he writes and communicates with his readers.

#2: MissNiao: My Journey to Financial Freedom

A light read that boozes with youthfulness. Well done Miss Niao!

#3: My 15 Hour Work Week

I like his style of writing – casual, personal and insightful.

#4: SG Young Investment

A nice simple blog

#5: Investment Moats

I like the fact that he puts in a lot of efforts to write his blog articles and does it regularly. A useful comprehensive read.


Though newly set up but I like the way he writes and also the focus of his blog. It will help a lot of people to gain financial literacy and better manage their finance to lead a higher quality of like. I like his subtitle for his blog “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Well done, Vince!

Favourite Local Focused Financial Sites

#1: StocksCafe

A great one-stop website for creating and analysing your portfolio

#2: The Finance.Sg

A very information website that aggregates the latest posts from local investment or financial bloggers. The website is very designed and kept very up-to-date. Hugely popular.

#3: Singapore Investment Bloggers

Another website that aggregates posts from local investment or financial bloggers. A very good and easy platform for me to connect with others and also access the latest blogs updates. Just these two (#2 and #3) will give enough materials to read for a while 🙂

#4: The Fifth Person

A solid website site full of useful information and insights. It has a page that contains a table of useful data of SReits. I also like their summary of the AGMs that they attended as they gave a snapshot of the company. By the way, their training course – The Dividend Machine is rettpy good – I had attended it too. Highly recommended!

#5: Reitsweek

A blog site dedicated to local Reits and their news.

#6: Singapore Business Review

Very pro in the outlook and the way the articles are written.

#7: Seedly

An investment/financial blog site by a group of very enthusiastic young guys and supported by NUS. Very diligent with almost daily blog posts.

#8: SGInvestor

I like the part that it compiles the analyst reports on the stocks. Very useful to gather different perspective on a stock.

#9: Dividend.SG

A very good website to check in on the dividend distribution by Singapore listed company.

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