Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Last week financial headlines were either dominated by the impending local election or the worsening COVID-19 situation in US. The latter is spooking investors so much so that Dow Jones dropped 700 points on Friday alone. The local STI was trading within a very tight range throughout the week, and clearly losing the steam to … Continue reading Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Half Time Dividend Yield 2.6%

As I am typing this, I am seeing Dow Jones Futures hovering at 900 pts below yesterday closing number. This is the "first" 900 points change for quite a while. Back in mid March to early April, we saw heart-stopping 800-900 points change on the Dow Jones index every few days. Since then, the US … Continue reading Half Time Dividend Yield 2.6%

4 Unforgettable Months – Hard Ruthless Lesson

I am sure all the investors out there will agree that it was an unforgettable 4 months start to the year 2020. In those 4 months, I experienced more upheavals in my investment portfolio than probably all combined in my last 20 years of investing experience. I have never seen the stock market dropped so … Continue reading 4 Unforgettable Months – Hard Ruthless Lesson