Dividend Yield 4.6%

All in all, my portfolio has produced a yield of ~ 4.6% this year - a shade that lower my long term target of 5.0% but slightly better than my target of 4.5% set for this year.

Wk11 : Wild Wild West

My overseas equities holding has dropped from 26.5% to 26.1% of my total value of equities. It may reduce even further by my time tomorrow morning when the US market closes as the futures are showing deep red now. Actually the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been doing quite well this week, but so has … Continue reading Wk11 : Wild Wild West

Jan 2021 – Hope & Exuberance

S&P 500 might have shed 1.9%, erasing its gains for January and 2021 to date and the last one week being its worst since October 2020. However, January 2021 has on a whole started with lots of hope in all markets (with vaccination started in many countries) and ended with plenty of exuberance in the … Continue reading Jan 2021 – Hope & Exuberance

2021 Target: Increase net worth by 5%

Trained by years of corporate life, making personal Tasks and Targets (T&T) for the year has become an annual affair. For my investment journey this year, I have set the following T&T for 2021: 1. Increase my net worth by 5% is the key overriding one. After failing to deliver on this target last year, … Continue reading 2021 Target: Increase net worth by 5%

4.7% Dividend Yield on Equity Portfolio

4.7% dividend yield is the final outcome after all the hardwork this year. Total dividend received in 2020 was 85% of 2019 amount - which is expected given this COVID year. This is actually better than the 4.5% yield that I was expecting back in July when I wrote about it. This outcome was helped … Continue reading 4.7% Dividend Yield on Equity Portfolio

4.5% Yield Year-To-Date, helped by Leverage

The last company on my watchlist reported its quarterly results and dividend declaration on 14-Aug. Along with that, I was able to establish that my dividend yield on cash investment (up to today) is 4.5%. I do not see an issue meeting my 5.0% target by end of the year. My dividend yield received a … Continue reading 4.5% Yield Year-To-Date, helped by Leverage