Never too late to start your FI Journey

Met a colleague from another worksite for breakfast last Thursday. We have not met each other for years already. He contacted me earlier when he learned that my days in the company are numbered. It was a very nice gesture from him which I appreciated greatly. One of the things that we spoke about was … Continue reading Never too late to start your FI Journey

Wk16: When RE already hit home with FI only half done

Many of us blog here about our own FIRE journey (Financial Independence Retire Early) but deep down we know it is difficult to achieve. And perhaps that is precisely the reason why we aspire towards this seemingly "unreachable" goals, encourage others along this same journey and receive encouragement from others to continue to persevere on. … Continue reading Wk16: When RE already hit home with FI only half done

Wk11 : Wild Wild West

My overseas equities holding has dropped from 26.5% to 26.1% of my total value of equities. It may reduce even further by my time tomorrow morning when the US market closes as the futures are showing deep red now. Actually the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been doing quite well this week, but so has … Continue reading Wk11 : Wild Wild West

Giving MoneyOwl a Try

Another disheartened day at work made me yearned for FIRE* even more today than yesterday. My blog yesterday prompted many good feedback and opinions from fellow financial bloggers who offered different perspectives. They also offered a good dose of encouragement to me, of which I am very grateful for. It also bumped up the number of … Continue reading Giving MoneyOwl a Try

FIRE seems farther away from me now

If you have not read the Invest section of last Sunday Straits Time, you have missed out on a few good articles related to financial planning. One of them is on "Financial Planning for the Sandwich Generation". I find the "advice" provided very useful, insightful and practical. These "advice" are in essence, the critiques from … Continue reading FIRE seems farther away from me now