Wk 9 : Buy some more on weakness

The title speaks for itself. Week 9 was an interesting one. While we see the usual pattern that the Singapore STI took an opposite path to HK Hang Seng Index and US S&P500 and Nasdaq again, for a change, the STI went up 2% while the rest went down (HK was down 6%, Nasdaq down … Continue reading Wk 9 : Buy some more on weakness

The Keppel Showtime

The attention for this week's earnings reporting will be on the Keppel group of companies. However, as it is the 3rd quarter of their FY, only Keppel Reit is expected to declare dividend. The expectation isĀ 1.42 cents/share, similar to Q1 and Q2. The annualised yield based on $1.12 per share is 5.0%. Well, still something … Continue reading The Keppel Showtime