Mid Year Review (3) – SG saves the day

The returns of my US and HK stocks have been disappointing - see previous posts. My SG stocks are holding up much better. In fact, STI index is up 4% year to date. Like its US counterparts, it hit the lowest point in mid June this year but has since recovered strongly. Photo by Maxim … Continue reading Mid Year Review (3) – SG saves the day

Focus on Reits Yielding 5%

Many of you are aware that my long term target yield for my portfolio is 5%. I believe it is a sustainable yield and it has been a target that I have been working on for sometime for my passive income post retirement. Just to put some numbers in ... assuming my family need $80k … Continue reading Focus on Reits Yielding 5%

Diversify to US and HK

In my first reflection post, I shared about my key learning this year. In second, its about strengthening my portfolio for passive income. This third one is about diversification beyond our local shores to reduce exposure risk. US & HK Markets Besides Singapore, the two key markets that I have sizeable positions are US and … Continue reading Diversify to US and HK

Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Last week financial headlines were either dominated by the impending local election or the worsening COVID-19 situation in US. The latter is spooking investors so much so that Dow Jones dropped 700 points on Friday alone. The local STI was trading within a very tight range throughout the week, and clearly losing the steam to … Continue reading Added Favourites & This Week Watchlist

Is dividend growth y-o-y a must? Am I too easily contended?

Let me first reflect on Aug 2019 before going to the main topic. It wasn't a happy month for many investors. Most indices across the world went lower, with Hong Kong being one of the worst. Guess what, Singapore wasn't far behind. These two trading hubs are bearing the backlash from the US-China trade war. … Continue reading Is dividend growth y-o-y a must? Am I too easily contended?

SReits are beginning to show weaknesses

It would be so boring if I write another blog post about what I bought again. So I will start with a different topic before doing a short one on my "Buy" this week ... Yes, its another "Buy" week for me amidst all the chaos in the market recently. SReits are beginning to show weaknessesWhile reviewing … Continue reading SReits are beginning to show weaknesses

Is a house a burden or an asset or is it more than that?

Yesterday, I had an insightful discussion with a very percipient person whom I admired a lot. After our discussion, I reflected on what he said about the issue of housing prices in Singapore and understood a deeper implication on why we need to keep our housing price affordable in Singapore. For many years, I used to … Continue reading Is a house a burden or an asset or is it more than that?