Top10 Dividends and Top10 Holding @ Q1 2021

TOP-10 Dividend Contributors at Q1 2021 Below is a table that shows the Top-10 dividend contributors to me at Q1 2021. To be more factual, the ranking is based on dividend declared and not dividend paid. I have also included the Top-10 at this same point last year and the year before (only managed to … Continue reading Top10 Dividends and Top10 Holding @ Q1 2021

Wk-8: Swing to Buy

Fast, its week 8 already. After weeks of selling, I started to open up my war chest and buy in the last fortnight. Most of my purchases were in Singapore and USA shares. Of the three markets that I pay most attention, Singapore continued to underperform against USA and Hong Kong in the last fortnight. … Continue reading Wk-8: Swing to Buy

My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

Following my post yesterday, some of you had inquired about my dividends. Sorry I am not comfortable to reveal the amount but I am happy to share my STAR dividend contributors in Q3 and also Year-To-Date. To Recap, my dividend yield year to date is 4.5% on cash investment. It is spread out relatively well … Continue reading My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

The Importance of Diversification

For those who followed the local stock market, you would not have missed the big news that YangZiJiang (YZJ) Shipbuilding has requested for a trading halt after the Singapore Exchange (SGX) flagged “unusual price movements” in the company’s shares on Thursday 8/8/2019. It had fallen 20% or $0.26 to S$1.04 on heavy volume of 83.7 million shares … Continue reading The Importance of Diversification

From “SPH” to “Keppel” week – Expected Dividends & Dates Table attached

The past week was a relative quiet one for me. No major changes to my portfolio because there wasn't any reason for me to do anything. STI index gained 6 points or moved just 0.2% in the 5 trading days. On the contrary, the US market was in full buoyancy, breaking records after records. The US … Continue reading From “SPH” to “Keppel” week – Expected Dividends & Dates Table attached

Trump-Xi meeting – whatever … Anyway, I sold more again this week.

When everyone else was waiting for the outcome of Trump-Xi meeting later today, guess what I was doing for most of this week ... Yes, I was still selling (the title gave it away). I sold more Singtel shares this week at $3.50 while trying to keep the holding of Singtel in my portfolio to … Continue reading Trump-Xi meeting – whatever … Anyway, I sold more again this week.