Personal Reflections of our First Meeting 23 Feb 2017

Contributed by: warriortan

Our first meeting – 23/2/17, Star Vista

Glad that we finally got together to do our first “business” lunch. In the midst of the aroma from the curry and Assam fish heads, yes for those who were not there, the six of us had two fish heads, we were able to blend laughters with doses of serious talks on how we should invest our hard earned money.

I don’t know whether it is just me, from time to time, I would reflect on why I developed such a strong interest in investing. Was it the thrill of being ahead of the curve and riding the market volatility or was it the ego boosting moments of getting my “bets” correct or was it a hope to be very rich one day to be able to indulge in all the luxuries that the world could offer?

Through the years, one if not all of them would feature in my thoughts from time to time but as I mature, I start to realize that the true calling is to simply make myself financially free and detach my family from having to deal with a major financial crisis if anything happens to me.

I first learned of the term “financial freedom” 20 years ago when I was still a nerdy undergraduate. Singtel IPO was the spark that ignited my curiosity in investment and then I was inspired by Mr Robert Kiyosaki after reading his “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. In my opinion it is the must read book of all times and MOE should consider doing a module on this for our teenagers before they step into the working world.

After that, I never looked back. I must confess that my own story of investment hasn’t been a bed of roses but it has definitely been a fulfilling, rewarding and satisfying one. I learned so much and still feel there is so much out there to learn. Many will find annual reports boring but I find them illuminating as I cherish the details that they provide and use them to gain new insights of the companies that I own and then make an informed decision about where, when, how to part with my money.

Yes, as I shared with some of you, this is my business. It is what makes me feel like I am an entrepreneur – full of hard work, getting your hands dirty to find the golden nuggets in the midst of the market noises, to constantly keep track of market trends and development and thinking of what’s the next “breakthrough”, to make (hopefully) informed decision and take decisive actions when the opportunities arise, and finally to invest my hard earned money and put my bucks where it counts … all in a day’s works and no doubt about it, it’s “back breaking” and “mentally draining” but it is rewarding in its many own ways.

I am glad we have this group now. Many of you have expressed that you would like to learn from me. My feeling is the same, reciprocating to learn from you. Each of us see information and numbers in different lights. Some of us are more optimistic while some are more pessimistic by nature. Some of us are more intuitive while some are more objective. I am sure we can learn from one another to help us make a better decision in our own and maybe collective investments.

I am excited about our group and I think the rapport and trust we have with one another will be a great strength. So, I hope we keep this going. And I am already looking forward to our next meeting!

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