Targets for This Year

Thought of doing a short post to record my target in my journey towards financial independence for this year. (Study has shown that by writing down your targets, you have a higher chance of achieving them)

My targets are:


  1. To achieve 4.5% dividend yield on my equity portfolio (achieved last year)
  2. To achieve 2.5% dividend yield on my index/permanent portfolio (achieved last year)
  3. To have a higher absolute amount of dividend compared to last year (achieved last year)


  1. To increase % of index/permanent portfolio over total portfolio to 35% (versus 33% last year)
  2. To increase % of overseas equities / total equities to 36% (versus 34% last year)
  3. To reduce % of the value of Top 10 equities / total equities to 38% (versus 41% last year)
  4. To reduce # of holding in shares to 26 (versus 28 last year)


  1. To reduce overall debt by $100,000

Hope you find this sharing useful.

Have a great, safe and prosperous New Year !




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